April 2014 Newsletter

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April is looking like it may bring some warmer weather and it is sure to bring some new Spring pez! From the bright and beautiful tropical birds to the red and white promotional trucks, any and all new pez are welcome additions! Also, registration is open for most of the pez conventions - North East is in May, St. Louis Annual National Pez Convention is in June, Cleveland Pezamania is in July, the Steel City Pez Gathering is in Pittsburgh on September 20 and Pez on the River is in Winona, MN in October. Now is the time to plan your warm weather pezzy vacations! Meanwhile, check out the newest pez and sneak previews in this month's Pez Collectors Store newsletter!

Rio 2 pez birds Jewel, Blu and Rafael have flown into the Pez Collectors Store and are a great colorful addition to the pez collection! The complete set of 3 is for sale in the Pez Collectors Store and is ready to ship now.
Captain America from the Winter Soldier movie has been released by Pez and this new version features a silver letter A with silver wings. It sits on a red stem and has a different look about the eyes. This new Marvel Superhero pez is available now.
The Toy Story pez assortment has added the Space Alien (aka Squeeze Toy Alien) pez dispenser. This cute three eyed alien pez has a soft, rubbery antenna and looks really cute! The aliens have landed in the Pez Collectors Store.
Fairfield University has released its basketball pez and it is now available in the Pez Collectors Store!
The NCAA College basketball March Madness is down to the final 4 and once again, it clearly pays off to have a Pez dispenser with your team logo! Two of the final 4 have basketball pez dispensers! UConn and University of Kentucky have made the cuts!
University of Connecticut Basketball Pez Mint on Card  University of Kentucky Basketball Pez loose  University of Kentucky Basketball Pez Mint on Card  
Basketball Season is here according to the Pez.com website. The following image appears on the website homepage as one of the rotating images. We notice that the UCONN basketball is very plain lettering and lacks the Huskies mascot. We have been trying to find out if this is a new pez release, but so far there is no information available about this dispenser. It looks a bit like a mockup, but since there is already a UCONN basketball pez, we are not sure why its image isn’t used.
Easter will be here soon and surely spring will finally arrive along with it! Pez is wishing everyone a Happy Spring with exclusive boxed sets that include the Blue Floppy Ear Bunny and one of the 4 different Easter Eggs. This means that there are 4 different boxed sets. The boxes are a bright polka-dot Spring pattern and there is a sticker on the box front that says Happy Spring! The cases are not packed with an even distribution of all 4 different eggs – there are twice as many with green eggs with the ducky on the flower background in each case. We are selling the complete set of 4 different boxed sets or single boxed sets with the green ducky egg, but we sold out of the complete sets very quickly and will have more in stock by the end of the week.
         Happy Spring Boxed set with Green Ducky Easter Egg pez      
Ace Hardware released the first promotional truck of the year and this paint can version is available now.
Office Depot is not far behind! A new Office Depot truck is making its way to warehouses across the country for distribution through online sales. We hope to have these in stock within a few weeks.
Emoticon pez arrived from Australia, but at the last minute we were informed that only a fraction of our order could be filled at this time and the rest of the order would be filled in June. Needless to say, we sold out very quickly, but more will be available in a few months! It was quite interesting to match the Emoticon pez with the images and names on the back of the package. The names listed are Happy, Naughty, Cheeky, Cheezy, Lovey and Slick, however, the face for Cheezy is not included in the set and one that looks Grouchy was included instead. Perhaps the next shipment in June will have corrected images on the back of the package!
The Pez Collectors Store received more Jake and Skully and more Disney Planes from Europe in March, but we have just about sold out of them again. So, we have reordered yet again and more should be coming in the next couple of weeks. We didn’t order as many of these as we usually do because Dusty and El Chupacabra will be released in the USA in June as a part of the Disney World of Cars assortment which will also include a new Mater dispenser. While we officially have not received an image of this upcoming assortment, there is a sneak preview photo of the dispensers on display at the Pez Visitors Center. It is hard to tell from the photo if the USA releases will be the same as the European releases. Check out the Mater with racing flags on the stem!
Disney Planes Pez  World of Cars Pez on display at the Pez Visitor Center  
Jake and Skully will be released in the USA in July as a part of the Disney Junior Assortment which will include a new Minnie Mouse and a new Sofia the First dispenser. We are not sure if the USA releases will be different from the European versions available now. The sneak preview on display at the Visitors Center includes the 4 European Minnie Mouse Bowtique pez as well as a new Polka-dot bow and stem Minnie that we suspect will be part of the Disney Junior assortment.
This month we look forward to the release of the Pez Heroes assortment. The set will feature a policeman, fireman, army soldier and a nurse. The slightly cartoonish characters are definitely different than the previously released Emergency Hero pez. We should get these in stock just as soon as the assortment is released by Pez!
Pez Heroes Counter display box  
Dr. Doofenshmirtz will be added into the Phineas and Ferb assortment this month. We will be adding them to the Pez Collectors Store just as soon as possible!
First released in 2004, SpongeBob and friends pez are making a comeback in the USA in May after 10 years. SpongeBob, Squidward and Patrick will be included in this assortment being released ahead of the February 2015 SpongeBob SquarePants 2 movie. From the sneak preview photo we have received, it looks like Squidward will come on an orange stem rather than the green stem it was originally released on. We can’t tell yet if the clothes will be printed on just the front as the previous USA versions were or if they will be printed on the sides and back as the European versions were. Given the time between releases, it seems likely that there will be some changes, but we can’t say for sure!
The North East Pez Convention is just over a month away now! It is scheduled for May 1 – 3 in Stamford, CT. This convention is always a lot of fun and while the early registration deadline has passed, there is still time to get registered!
It is time to make plans for the 22nd Annual National Pez Convention in St. Louis, MO, June 19 - 21. This convention is a blast and host John CoolPezMan Devlin and his staff know how to make it fun for everyone! We look forward to seeing you there!
That is all for now! Happy Pezzing!
All the best,
Chris Jordan
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