2011 WalMart Rigs Pez Haulers Set of 8 MOC

In 2011 PEZ produced 8 different trucks for Walmart using 4 their nationally recognized logos used throughout the years. The original black 'outlaw western' font in all upper case with a hyphen was used from 1964 to 1980. The brown block font in upper case with a hyphen was used from 1981 to 1991, then 1992 to 2007, they used the blue block font with a star in the middle of their name, still all in upper case. In 2008 they began using the blue block font with upper and lower case, making Walmart one word, with a yellow flower like symbol following their name. These different logos are on the sides of trucks, each with a unique cab shapes and the cabs come in either blue or white. There are a total of 8 in the set, each having a different logo and different cab color and style. These come mint on the Special Walmart Visitor Center Edition Wal-Mart Rigs cards that match the time period of the logo! Awesome addition to the pez collection!

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