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Toy Story 4 Revised Wide Eye Woody Pez MIB

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The version C Wide Eye Woody from the 2019 Toy Story 4 pez assortment is a revised Woody with no extra spot and wide open eyes. The original Woody had a bit of red kerchief showing all the way aound beneath the shirt collar and it had an extra black spot at the tip of the Sheriff star badge. The next revision - Woody B has only a bit of red showing in the v of the neck, the kerchief tie in back is painted yellow like the collar of the shirt, and the extra spot below the star is missing. Version C Wide Eye Woody is the same as version B, except the eyes are wide open with no eyelid or eyelash line which is seen in both Version A and B. The picture shows all three variations, but you will receive the new Wide Eye Woody mint in bag with candies!

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