Scoupe et Tourbillon French Pez, Invitation, Reporter Notebook

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This Scoupe et Tourbillon pez is part of a birthday party invitation set. Scoupe et Tourbillon is a comic strip in a Le Petit Quotidien, a French magazine for children ages 6 to 10 yrs. The comic strip is quite popular among French children and they enjoy reading about the adventures of the young reporter, Scoupe and his sidekick, Tourbillon who is a green fantasy character (not an alien) with an antenna on top of his head. The set includes an invitation for a child's birthday party, a press badge (name tag with a pin on plastic name tag holder), a reporter's notebook and of course, the pez featuring Scoupe and Tourbillon. This set comes with the pez and all of the extra goodies!

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