Retired Valentines Day Pez

The Valentines Day pez have been around for a long time. The original Happy Valentines Day hearts came with no feet as the heart sits sideways on the stem from the normal pez. The first hearts said Happy Valentines Day across the banner and came as a pink heart on a red stem or a red heart on a red stem and were first released in 1996. In 1999, the Neon Pink on Neon Pink and the Neon Red on Neon Red Happy Valentines Day hearts were released. In 2003, the stems were printed with white hearts - Pink on red stem with hearts, Red on red stem with hearts, Neon Pink on neon pink with hearts on the stem, and neon red with hearts on the neon red stem.  Maroon with hearts on a maroon stem, Purple with hearts on the Purple stem and Neon Pink with hearts on the Neon Pink stem were released in 2005 with 13 different sayings! In 2006 the neon pink appeared on white stems printed with pink hearts, maroon hearts came on white stems printed with maroon hearts and purple hearts came on white stems printed with purple hearts, again with all 13 different sayings. Then the sayings began to appear in white lettering, red lettering, block font, italic font, on crystal hearts etc!