Retired US Pez

Older versions of dispensers that are not quite vintage, but that have been discontinued or retired in the USA are for sale here.  Series such as Bob the Builder, Bratz, Bubbleman, Bugz, Coach Whistles, Crystal Bugz, D Series Trucks, Trucks, Disney, Ducktales, Extremes, Emergency Heroes, Flintstones, Funky Faces, Garfield, Holiday, Kooky Zoo, Limited Editions, Lion King, Madagascar, Mickey, Misfit Pez, Muppets, Peanuts, Pez-A-Saurs, Retro Regulars, Sesame Street, Simpsons, Sourz, Space Guns, SpongeBob, Sportz, Star Wars, Crystal Pez, ROTS, Super Heroes, TMNT Ninja Turtles, USA Hearts, Warner Brothers, WB, Cool Looney Tunes, and regular Looney Tunes are all included.  These are no longer being manufactured or produced by Pez.

On Sale