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It is always helpful to be informed about the value of particular dispensers.  Price guides are a great way to get a general idea of the prices for particular pieces!  LaSpina's Price guide is up to date as it is reissued each year and it is a great way to keep track of your collection as it has check boxes to make notes of your pez.  Peterson's guide is full of pictures to help you identify your pez and determine which version of Mickey Mouse or Donald duck you have! Warman's guide is perfect for carrying with you to have quick and easy access to a price guide with pictures! These are for sale here.

LaSpina 2021 Price Guide to PEZ 32nd Edition

LaSpina 2021 Price Guide to PEZ 32nd Edition

The Original Collector's Price Guide to PEZ is now in it's 32nd edition!  This handy spiral bound book lists many different head variations for different dispensers from vintage to current, providing a price range and handy check boxes for tracking your collection! The 32nd edition has all the newest dispensers and sections for mini pez, Funko POP!+PEZ, and for non-pez candy collectibles such as Totems, TV Pals, Yummy and Zepher dispensers! Written by John...
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Celebrating Pez by Susan Kahn, Nina Chertoff

Celebrating Pez by Susan Kahn, Nina Chertoff

This cute hardback book is not really a price guide, nor does it have pictures of all the pez or variations made throughout the years, but it is a nice tribute to Pez Dispensers! Book Description "Want one?” That’s the anthem of the Pez world. No one can hold onto that little giraffe, Winnie the Pooh, or cowboy candy dispenser without tipping back the head and pushing the candy forward. So children of all ages who have ever popped a Pez will joyfully pore...
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