Pez Candy Bricks on Pink PezNeck Cooler

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This PezNeck Cooler is made with pink fabric featuring pez candy bricks printed across the fabric.

Every PezHead needs a PezNeck Cooler! From the new line of pez fabric, pez neck coolers are a cool item for a hot summer. These awesome neck coolers can be kept dry in the glovebox of the car then with just 5 to 10 minutes of soaking in cold water become an instant cool down. This 44 inch long neck cooler has two 9 inch pockets filled with water absorbing beads that will expand to fill the pockets with a cooling moist gel  (see the hydrated example in the upper part of the photo). The gel remains trapped in the pezzy fabric tube made with any of the 8 different colors and styles of pezzy print cotton fabric. The neckbands can be allowed to dry out and the crystals return to their dried form, ready to be used over and over again. The neck cooler can be stored hydrated in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator (do not freeze), ready to cool you when you go out to mow the lawn, weed the garden or hit the garage sale circuit searching for pez. Keep cool and show your pezzy style! Wear as a bandana, a head band or a neck band. Tie as desired!

The hydrated neck cooler can also be used as a warm moist heat pack. Simply microwave the pack on low for 30 second increments. Use caution as the pack can be very hot depending on your microwave. Great for warming those achy neck muscles and relieving stress!

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