European Disney Marie Bambi Baloo Simba Dalmatian Pez Set of 5

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The 2009 European Disney Animal Friends Pez set includes a Marie from Aristocats Pez Dispenser, a new Dalmatian Pez dispenser from 101 Dalmatians, a new Bambi Pez, Simba from Lion King and Baloo from Jungle Book. The Simba has lighter colored paint in the ears and the Baloo has a darker snout and comes on a red stem. This new set of Disney pez is currently only available in Europe. The Bambi and the Dalmatian were released in the USA, but the others have not been released. Additionally, Bambi comes on a no country stem as is often the case with European pez. Awesome new Disney Pez! These 5 Disney Animal Friends Pez dispensers come loose and ready to display!

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