Dark Green Head Yappy Dog Pez on Orange Dual IMC Stem

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The Yappy Dog pez is from the Kooky Zoo pez assortments from the 1980s. Yappy Dog uses the same head as Cow B pez and both were first released in 1976. Yappy's rubber ears are where the cows horns would be, there is a square for the cow's ears in the mold that is empty, and Yappy's nose is where the cow's snout would be. There is marginal glue residue around the nose and ears. This yappy sits on an orange 3.4 Austria Dual IMC 4 - 7 stem. The stem is in excellent condition with no marks, melts, cracks or other problems. The head spring allows no movement when tilted - not a floppy head at all and the sleeve spring works perfectly. Wonderful example of this great Pez! 

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