Chicago White Soxs MLB Baseball Cap Pez Loose

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This is the Chicago White Soxs cap which was included in the first 17 released. Many of the Major League Baseball teams that signed on with Pez Co to have a baseball or a baseball with mascot produced have agreed to have a new baseball cap pez made using their logo. These were released in March, 2013. So far, 18 teams have been released: 
Atlanta Braves Cap
Boston Red Sox Cap
Chicago Cubs Cap
Chicago White Sox Cap
Cincinnati Reds Cap
Cleveland Indians Cap
Colorado Rockies Cap
Detroit Tigers Cap
LA Dodgers Cap
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Cap
New York Mets Cap
New York Yankees Cap
Philadephia Phillies Cap
San Francisco Giants Cap
Seattle Mariners Cap
St. Louis Cardinals Cap
Texas Rangers Cap
Houston Astros Cap
Each different Major League Baseball team Cap comes loose and ready to display!
We recognize that many collectors prefer to display their pez loose and will remove the dispensers from the cards. We are now offering a SOS (Save On Shipping) option for most of our carded pez. You can now purchase the dispenser loose and shipping charges will be less due to the decreased weight and bulk of the package. Why pay extra for shipping the packaging and candies if you don't want them? We will do the work of stripping the pez off the card and will repackage it in a protective ziptop sleeve (this costs us a bit more in time and supplies, but it saves you on shipping costs)!

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