Bonus Pack 2 - 6 Shelf Pez Wall Displays, 2nd Display Ships FREE

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Bonus Pack - two displays ship for the same price as one! Due to the oversize package dimensions, we can ship two displays for the same shipping price as one using the standard shipping option! 

The open display comes with six clear, adjustable shelves that have a special lip on each shelf for the feet to slide under. This prevents the pez from the dreaded domino effect. The pez can be moved from side to side for ease of arrangement and rearrangement. No need to move each pez individually just to insert a new addition!

The shelves are adjustable, so you can display 6 rows of standard size pez in a single depth so the stems are all visible. The top row is a bit shorter, but accommodates shorter pez such as regulars, pucks, balls or other slightly shorter pez. You can add additional shelves to display 9 rows of Japanese mini pez or 17 rows of truck pez. Each display case can accommodate up to 17 shelves when spaced to fit truck pez.

The cases can be purchased with or without a cover door and doors can be purchased separately and added at a later date. Extra shelves may be ordered as needed. The white case backing is constructed as a single sturdy molded plastic case with keyholes for hanging. The doors and shelves are a clear plastic so you can see the entire pez. Uncovered, the vertical nature of the case helps prevent dust from settling on your pez, but to truly protect them from dust or other airborne objects, use a cover door for maximum protection. The case is approximately 36" x 24” and 3” deep with cover and holds over 100 standard size pez.

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