Baloo A Pez Black Pupil Original Jungle Book 3.9 Transition Stem

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This Baloo A Pez Dispenser is from the original Jungle Book Pez series.  He has a dark steel blue head and hand painted white eyes with black pupils. This great Jungle Book Baloo pez dispenser sits on a green 3.9 Austria transition stem in great condition! The footed 3.9 transition stem is quite hard to come by. The stem has thin feet, but the spine is the same depth as the channel, just like the no feet dispensers. This is the transition from no feet to thin feet and they are not very common! The stem is in excellent condition with no marks, melts, cracks or other problems. The head spring allows no movement when tilted - not a floppy head at all and the sleeve spring works perfectly. Wonderful example of this great Pez! 

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