Auto PEZ Trucks by Grisoni of Italy - Tanker Truck

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This is a Tanker truck from the Pez Auto Trucks set. These PEZ auto Trucks are from the 1970s. They were manufactured by CGGC Grisoni of Italy and can be seen in the Peterson's Collectors Guide to PEZ on page 237 in the salesman sample kit. There are 6 different styles of trucks available - a dump truck, a hauler truck, a tanker truck, a cement mixer, a ladder truck and a crane or hook truck. The colors of the trucks and accessories can be any of hundreds of different colors - we have only shown a few examples of the many different colors available. If you have a preference of color, we will try to accommodate if we can. If you order more than one truck, we will choose different colors to fill your order so that each truck is different.

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