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Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pez

The Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pez dispenser series was first released in 2008.  This pez series is a move back to a more classic look for the Disney pez than was seen in the Disney Extreme series.  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dispensers look very much like the Classic Disney Mickey Mouse series, but Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck have been updated.  The new pez dispenser molds for the Clubhouse series are slightly different for Mickey Mouse with a longer, thinner face and longer taller nose.  Minnie Mouse pez dispenser also has a longer taller nose and the bow is different.  Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse have outlined eyes, so the pad print has changed as well.  Donald Duck has a different shaped head and a completely revised hat and Goofy has much more pronounced teeth in the Clubhouse pez series!  Goofy has a whole new look and Pete the Cat has been added to the series. Daisy and Pluto do not seem to be changed at all, but perhaps they too will be updated later.

Disney Clubhouse Minnie Mouse 2008 Pez MIB

Disney Clubhouse Minnie Mouse 2008 Pez MIB

The Disney Clubhouse Pez dispensers are a return to the Classic Disney look, but have been updated somewhat.  The new Minnie Mouse pez has a thinner, longer face, a larger bow and the decal eyes are outlined. This pez is shown loose but yours will come mint in bag with pez candies!
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