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65th Anniv. Peanuts Pez Set Charlie Lucy Snoopy Woodstock Loose

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Peanuts is celebrating their 65th Anniversary in 2015 with a limited edition Pez Collectors Boxed set. This is the third series of Peanuts Pez released and the set of 4 includes Charlie Brown on a red stem, Lucy on a blue stem, Snoopy on a white stem and Woodstock on a yellow stem. These 4 new Peanuts pez all have a 2015 PNTS copyright (series 2 Peanuts had a UFS copyright). This change in copyright represents the change in ownership from United Features Syndicate to Peanuts Worldwide, LLC. This set of 65th anniversary pez will come loose and ready to display so you can save on shipping!

Note, these are now sold out from PEZ Candy, Inc. so when our supply runs out, we cannot order more! Get your set while supplies last!

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