2015 Marvel with Spiderman Pez Set of 4 MIB New Inserts

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The 2015 3rd quarter Marvel pez assortment includes the 2015 Ironman, 2015 Incredible Hulk, 2015 Captain America and the 2009 Spiderman head on a 7.5 stem which all come with the series 3 inserts with a yellow background featuring the Giant Pez Boy at the Vistors Center. The 3rd quarter assortment does not include any Thor like the Avengers Assemble Assortment did, and the counter display box is new - it has a similar graphic but just says Marvel. The 2015 Hulk has a more olive green complexion and longer hair all around, the 2015 Captain America has the wings painted on the side of the head and the 2015 Ironman has a faceplate that is more notched at the top than previous. This new set of Marvel Avengers is a great addition to your super heroes pez! The set of 4 comes mint in bag with pez candies!

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