2012 Radz Bubbs, Antic, Max, Twig and Scorch Series 1 MOC

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Radz is a new interactive candy dispenser and the Limited Edition 2012 Radz were the first series of the 'everyday' Radz dispensers released to the public market! If you ever wished you had gotten in on the ground floor of collecting a highly collectible candy dispenser, this is your chance! Bubbs has a pink body, Antic is blue, Max is yellow, Twig is green and Scorch is red. By pulling back on the hat, the dispenser opens its mouth to dispense a Radz Candy pellet. The Radz candy dispensers are about 3 1/2 inches tall. Each comes with a backpack buddy clip and these make a cute collectible. The hats are interchangable and each package contains a code to unlock more secrets and codes for use in the online interactive games website - Radzworld.com! This set of 5 Series 1 Radz dispensers come mint on card with Radz Candies - Fun for your Tongue!

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