2008 Madagascar 2 Pez Set of 5 with Melman Loose

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With the release of the Madagascar Escape 2 Africa movie came a new set of Madagascar Pez. In the US, these were released only through an exclusive offer at movie theaters and with the release of the movie dvd, but were not released as a regular retail product. Alex the Lion comes with a line under his nose, a light yellow muzzle and a lighter tan nose and head compared to the original release. Marty the Zebra has the smaller eyes and a much lighter nose or snout than the original release, and it is white and black striped while the original releases had a bit of a gray tint instead of white. Gloria the Hippo still looks much the same. Skipper the Penguin and Melman the Giraffe were added to the set with the second release. These variations make this a whole new set of pez! The complete set of 5 new Madagascar 2 pez will come loose and ready to display!

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