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NICI Jolly Mah Sheep Pez set of 8 Different Sayings MOC

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The NICI pez are a licensed product for the NICI stores in Germany. NICI Jolly Mah sheep are from a community where all the sheep are friendly, nice and cute. Now these sheep have been made into great pez dispensers. These pez are a wonderful way to express your thoughts kindly! They come on cards with a sticky note gift card and include 8 different sayings, among three different sheep. Lucy is the grey sheep with pink pompoms on a maroon stem saying “So What!” and “Keep Smiling!”, Rosa is the white sheep with pink flower on the pink stem saying “Friends Forever!”, “Happy Birthday!” or “Thank You!” and Bob is the laid back brown sheep with the colorful cap on a green stem that says “Don’t worry!”, “Take it easy!”, or “Have a break!”. This set of 8 Jolly Mah pez come mint on card with a special NICI candy pack and little tiny sticky notes for your own message.

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