Dylan's Candy Chocolate and Vanilla Bunny Pez Set

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Dylan's is a Candy shop with several locations throughout the USA. They had an exclusive Dylan's Chocolate Bunny made that has different facial details than the currently released Easter Chocolate Bunny. They then had a Chocolate and Vanilla Bunny set made. The Chocolate Bunny is not the Dylan's Bunny - it is the regular Easter Chocolate Bunny, but the Vanilla Bunny is a Dylan's exclusive. There are cute eyelashes, and no eyebrows. There are three whiskers instead of two and the eyes are outlined, but do not have the blue color like the regular white Easter Rabbit. Also, the tongue is not colored on the Vanilla Bunny. This great pair comes in the indestructable hard plastic case with the Dylan's logo on the front and the PEZ logo in the background.

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