Charly Brown Frown Error Misspelled Copyright on Cheek

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Someone at Pez Company goofed.  Schultz always spelled Charlie Brown with an 'ie' and never a 'y'.  This Charlie Brown Frown Pez is an intermediate in correcting the mistake made by someone at PEZ Co.  The bill of the cap has nothing on it (the Charly Brown copyright was removed) but this version still has the "Charly Brown copyright 1950,1966 United Features Syndicate, Inc." on his right cheek.  Other versions include the correct Charlie Brown spelling on the hat bill with no print on the cheek and there is also the biggest error version with Charly Brown on the bill as well as on the cheek.  This pez comes on a 3.9 Austria IMC 3 thin foot stem in excellent condition! It has a pink candy button and opaque white sleeve.  Awesome addition to your pez collection!!!

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